Placed tenant service: quick and digital

The Placed tenant service in a nutshell

What makes Placed different? Placed puts a digital spin on renting and property management, making it that bit easier for you to feel at home in your new apartment. Besides the digitalisation of buildings and the entirely digital rental process, the tenant app is crucial to ensuring that daily living with Placed always runs smoothly.

Placed App: Startscreen

Download the tenant service app

Service, when and where you need it: the tenant app allows you to contact your property management team quickly and easily, and keeps you in the loop about all the latest goings-on. You will also find your rental documents here and can keep an eye on outgoings such as your next rent payment. All direct, all digital. That’s the kind of tenant service we love!

Download now from the App Store or Google Play!

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The Placed tenant service in case of emergency

There’s a fire, the heating isn’t working, or you’ve experienced water damage? You’ll find notices listing emergency numbers in your Placed accommodation. In absolute emergencies or if you need help urgently, you can, of course, always get hold of one of our contacts. And you can resolve any other matters quickly and easily via the tenant app.

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Tenant service FAQ

  • What is special about Placed?

    Placed is property management 2.0. We focus on digital services that make your day-to-day living easier. Our digital services include digitization of buildings, the online rental process and the Placed App for all our tenants.

  • What is the online rental process?

    You can rent your new home at Placed easily online, without crowded on-site appointment. The rental process consists of only five steps: register, upload the required documents, wait for verification, confirm and move in.

  • How do I contact the property management?

    The best way is via app, quickly and easily. Download the tenant app from App Store or Google Play and chat with your property management team. In addition, you always have all documents related to your apartment such as your rental agreement with you.

  • What digital services can I use as a tenant?

    The Placed app offers many practical services for you. Keep in touch with your property management team, access documents related to your apartment in digital form or easily report damage. More and more services will be added to make your day-to-day living life at Placed even smarter. Stay tuned!