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Oldenburg: Your new city

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With Placed, you can search, find and rent your flat easily thanks to digital processes. In just a few steps, you can move into your new flat and start your discovery tour through Oldenburg. Via the tenant app you stay connected to your Placed property management team and your living environment at all times – for a maximum of service and quality of life. Oldenburg has many titles: bicycle city, university city, capital of the “Kohltour” or green city. Here, rural charm and natural oases of tranquillity are paired with a diverse range of cultural activities, lively city life and a wide range of shopping and dining options. So the city in Lower Saxony offers you much variety. Perhaps the city will soon bear the title "your new home", because with Placed you can find it quickly and easily in Oldenburg.

Living in Oldenburg – experience diversity

As the third largest city in Lower Saxony, Oldenburg is home to the most important inland port in the north-western federal state. Oldenburg is also a city with many institutions like universities and the famous “Fraunhofer Institute”. The atmosphere of the city is characterised by sympathy, friendliness and down-to-earthness, which is attracting more and more people. The North Sea is only 35 kilometres away. No surprise that a cool breeze will blow through your hair. Get to know and love Oldenburg’s warmth, sense of tradition and cosmopolitanism!

Oldenburg combines nature and city buzz

With its historic and charming town centre and Germany’s oldest comprehensive pedestrian zone, the city invites you to take an extensive walk through. Characterised by historic buildings, small alleys, numerous of shops and various of restaurants, a true shopping experience is guaranteed to you. “Lange Straße” and “Achternstraße” are recommended for strolling from the landmark Lappan past shops to the yellow castle. Don’t forget the “Querstraßen”, where you’ll find cosy cafés with sweet treats to reward you. The ten city gardens also invite you to rest and relax in the middle of the city.

Kale is a must-have in Oldenburg

Have you ever tried kale pesto, kale chocolates, kale tea or kale chutney? Then you’ve missed something. But don’t worry, in Oldenburg you’ll get it. In the city of the annual “Kohltour”, kale is a cult vegetable. So it’s time for you to took part of it: solve riddles with friends, walk a few kilometers, carry a trolley with food and be rewarded with kale at the end.

Events, bike tours and lots of attractions in Oldenburg

The “Kultursommer” with open-air cinema, concerts, dance and much more is a true event highlights in Oldenburg, the same goes for the three-day City Festival, which is the largest live music festival in the northwest. The old town hall, the Lamberti church, the “Pulverturm” and Oldenburg castle with its gardens are just a few of the city’s sights. The most popular wayto get from point a to b is the bicycle. Whether daily trips through the city centre or cycling tours in the surrounding countryside – as Germany’s most cycle-friendly town, Oldenburg has a dense network of cycle paths. With rather no height differences nothing can stop you for a relaxed bike tour! Or you can take a walk along the “Hunte”, a tributary of the Weser, which characterises the cityscape.